Gender-Affirming Mastectomy

Although some transgender men wear binders to flatten their breasts and create the appearance of a more masculine chest, many female-to-male patients are beginning to opt for surgical mastectomy, also commonly known as “top surgery.” This is the total removal of the breast tissue with optional installation of pectoral implants. Unlike breast implants for women, these solid silicone implants are designed to create a firm, muscular appearance.

During this procedure, the patient is given anesthesia and incisions made through which your surgeon will remove breast tissue and any excess skin. These are the most common kinds of incisions for this type of surgery:

Double Incision With Nipple Grafts

This is also called bilateral mastectomy and it’s most commonly recommended for patients with more breast tissue.

Periareolar Incisions

These are incisions made around the nipple, and they are most commonly recommended for patients with less breast tissue.

Keyhole Incisions

Also called laparoscopic incisions, these are recommended only for patients with very little breast tissue and no excess skin.

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After the breast tissue is extracted, your nipples may be trimmed down before being repositioned. At this point, if you have opted for pectoral implants they will be installed and the incisions closed. Post-recovery, the result will be a more toned and muscular-looking chest.

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