truSculpt iD

Feeling and looking your best doesn’t always require intense workouts or surgical procedures. With the help of truSculpt iD created by Cutera, you can experience an average of a 24 percent reduction in fat. The system utilizes warm frequency to irreversibly yet safely damage fat cells, creating a slimmer and more youthful appearance. The truSculpt iD system can be used on all areas of the body, from the arms to the thighs and even the abdominal area. This particular option is noninvasive and takes a short period of time in office. Results are dramatic and can be seen fully in about 12 weeks time.

How Does truSculpt iD Work?

The system uses a hand-held device that targets the entire fat layer using a Monopolar RF platform. Real-time temperature control features are customized for each individual patient so that the procedure is comfortable and effective at all times. The low-frequency delivery system targets fat cells, damaging them so that they are unable to repair themselves. Over the course of about 12 weeks, your body will naturally excrete these damaged fat cells, resulting in a trimmer and slimmer look. You can expect an average of 24 percent fat reduction with truSculpt iD.

Benefits of Choosing truSculpt iD

The truSculpt iD system is noninvasive and relatively painless. Because it can be targeted to specific areas, it’s ideal for contouring different areas of the body. The 24 percent reduction in fat cells prevents the need for other surgical procedures. There are no incisions or sutures required with truSculpt iD and it is safely done in-office. Some of the benefits of choosing this particular method include:

• Comfortable, quick treatment
• 24% fat reduction
• No downtime or recovery time
• Minimally invasive
• No incisions or sutures
• Individualized treatment
• Treats various tissue densities
• Immediately get back to living your life

What to Expect with truSculpt iD Treatment

You will be comfortably seated and will have the area to be treated exposed. A handheld device is then used over the area to treat the entire fat layer. The system can be used on the arms, legs, and abdomen in short 15-minute sessions. You may feel a slight warmth during the session while the system works to eradicate fat cells beneath the skin. There is absolutely no downtime or recovery time from the truSculpt iD procedure. You can expect full results in about 12 weeks since your body will naturally excrete damaged fat cells over this period of time.

The truSculpt iD system is easy, noninvasive and incredibly practical for most people. There is no downtime when having treatment down and most people can experience the benefits of this option in one or two 15-minute sessions. Unlike other procedures that require incisions, sutures and weeks of recovery time, you can change the look of your body without all of the unnecessary work. The system is ideal for patients who are trying to get rid of stubborn fat and are looking for quick and minimally invasive results.

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