Breast Reconstruction

Restoring Breast Shape & Symmetry Through Breast Reconstruction

Women who have faced the challenge of cancer and overcome it by opting for the removal of one or both breasts, can take the next step in their recovery by using the expert plastic surgery skills offered by the caring professionals at Rowe Plastic Surgery.

Taking Back Control

Breast Reconstruction by Rowe Plastic Surgery provides cancer survivors with options for enhancing their appearance and restoring their emotional well-being and self-confidence after cancer. The breast reconstruction surgery our doctors provide can help breast cancer survivors of all ages take back control of their bodies and begin to love their appearance once again. If mastectomy, the surgical removal of a breast to treat breast cancer or to prevent breast cancer, was the viable solution in your case, then skilled reconstructive breast surgery is the solution for restoring your body to feeling healthy and whole once again.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction, unlike surgery that removes cancerous breast tissue, is a surgical procedure designed to restore shape to your breast.

There are two types of breast reconstruction:

  • Immediate reconstruction starting at the time of your mastectomy.
  • Delayed reconstruction that is begun at a later time.

No matter which type you and your doctor feel is the best solution for you, know that breast reconstruction is a process that may require two or more surgical procedures for optimal results. But patience and the final results are well worth it, as hundreds of our patients can attest.

Breast Reconstruction Options

There are two general types of breast reconstruction, implant based and autologous based which uses your own tissue.

Implant based breast reconstruction involves the placement of implants under the breast skin. Two types of breast implants may be used, depending upon which your surgeon feels is the best for your unique situation:

  • Implant filled with silicone gel
  • Implant filled with saline (salt) water

Other ways that your surgeon at Rowe Plastic Surgery can achieve a pleasing final result using breast reconstruction surgery involves procedures such as TRAM flag – an incision is made along your bikini line and an oval section of skin, fat, blood vessels, and muscle is taken from the lower half of your belly, moved up to your chest, and formed into a breast shape, DIEP flap – fat, skin, and blood vessels are cut from the wall of the lower belly and moved up to your chest to rebuild your breast, TUG flap, or GAP flap reconstructions, with skin coming from the abdomen (DIEP Flap), back (TAP or Lat flap), buttocks (SGAP Flap) or thighs (TUG flap). Breast implants, in which the chest skin must be gently stretched out over a short period of time with extenders prior to inserting the implants, are often the most popular option.

The highly trained and experienced surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery use the most advanced surgical techniques possible in order for you to achieve a beautiful, natural looking breast through breast reconstruction surgery. The nipple and areola are also carefully reconstructed so that the breast will look and feel as natural as possible.

Our Goals in Reconstructing Your Breast

  • Breasts that match in size and appearance (asymmetry)
  • Elimination of breast pain
  • Choosing proper implant size and type to reduce the risk of rupture, infection or deflation.
  • Minimal scarring and proper healing of incisions.
  • Improvement in natural breast sensation.

“… Dr. Rowe makes everything about what you want. He asks you what your breast surgery end goals are and focuses on them….I’m only upset I didn’t do this sooner! ~E.A.


Women who undergo breast reconstruction must wear supportive bandages and a compression bra 24/7 following the surgery for several weeks. It can be very helpful to have supportive family members of friends involved in your recovery routine to offer encouragement and support. Most individuals are comfortable enough to resume their normal activities and routines within 4 to 6 weeks of the actual surgery. Our staff at Rowe Plastic Surgery is with you every step of the way, to answer questions and provide assistance that can hasten your healing.

Pleasing Results

Our patients throughout the Red Bank area appreciate our surgeon’s attention to breast size and shape symmetry so that the final result is as natural and aesthetically pleasing to the woman as possible. If after facing a mastectomy due to cancer, you are ready to feel healthy again and regain your self confidence, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with one of our Rowe Plastic Surgery staff. Breast reconstruction procedures are most times covered by your health insurance plan, regardless of when the procedure is done, right away, soon after mastectomy or lumpectomy, or even many years later.

Our goal is the restoration of your health and good looks, restoring that “feeling normal” feeling using the breast reconstruction method that will achieve the best results for your unique health situation. If you would like more information, or are ready to begin the process of restoring a missing or misshapen breast, contact us today at 732-639-5485 to schedule an appointment that is convenient for your schedule.