Breast Reconstruction in Monmouth County

Our doctors help breast cancer survivors of all ages take control of their bodies and appearances through breast reconstruction surgery. Their compassionate and skilled care can help improve your confidence and beautiful self-image by restoring the look and feel of your breasts. Cosmetic breast surgery after mastectomy is unique to each woman and Dr Pierce and Dr Rowe will help you create the breast reconstruction plan that’s right for you.

Your Breast Reconstruction

Our doctors are highly skilled breast reconstruction surgeons who work closely with women to achieve pleasing breast surgery results. Breast reconstruction can be performed in several different ways including TRAM flag, DIEP flap, TUG flap, or GAP flap reconstructions. Breast implants, with or without expanders, may also be used. Nipple and areola reconstruction are carefully planned, as well, for the most natural, beautiful breasts. After a thorough consultation, Dr Pierce and Dr Rowe will recommend the best procedure to fit your needs.

“… Dr. Rowe makes everything about what you want. He asks you what your breast surgery end goals are and focuses on them….I’m only upset I didn’t do this sooner! ~E.A.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Supportive bandages and a compression bra will be worn around the clock for several weeks after your breast procedure. Your recovery will be eased with the assistance of a friend, family member, or skilled nurse. If you would like nursing support, our staff can recommend excellent care in a local hotel or in the comfort of your home. You should feel comfortable resuming your normal routine within 4-6 weeks of surgery and our doctors and staff are always available to answer questions during recovery.

Breast Reconstruction Results

Our Red Bank doctors expertly approach your breast reconstruction with extreme attention to breast symmetry in size and shape. By constructing and reshaping one or both breasts, they will skillfully bring back your natural-looking breasts. Patients are extremely pleased with their appearance after breast reconstruction and feel healthier and more confident.