Hand Surgery

The hand is vital to many aspects of life, enabling a broad array of functions and sensory experience. If your hands and joints are injured, painful or suffering from nerve damage, your quality of life may be seriously affected. When a hand condition has developed to a certain point, surgery may help people in New Jersey to find relief from ongoing discomfort and pain or improve the function of their hands, wrists and joints.

At Rowe Plastic Surgery in Red Bank, our skilled NJ hand surgeons provide treatments to people throughout the Tri-State area, including patients suffering from:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Nerve injuries and neuropathy
  • Injuries to tendons
  • Fractures, lacerations and other trauma
  • Soft tissue masses or benign tumors in the hand
  • All other hand conditions and damage

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a progressive, painful condition that leads to growing weakness in the wrist and hand over time. In some cases, it is brought on by a repetitive stress injury at work, while in other cases it is the effect of hormonal changes through pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. It can also be caused by damage to the wrist or a medical condition like arthritis.

This syndrome can interfere with people’s ability to work and enjoy life, and it can lead to significant nerve damage over time. The skilled New Jersey hand surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery have a high level of expertise in endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery that allows them to provide relief to many suffering patients without opening the hand itself. This surgery can be completed on an outpatient basis in Red Bank with a much shorter recovery period than traditional procedures.

Nerve injuries and Neuropathy

The hands are one of the most common locations for nerve damage and neuropathy, a term used to refer to nerve disease or other forms of damage. You may feel numb, weak or tingly in the hands and fingers as a result of this kind of damage. There are a number of causes of nerve damage in the hands, including physical injuries in accidents or at work, repetitive stress and medical illnesses and treatments like diabetes, infections and cancer and chemotherapy treatment.

In some cases, people suffering from neuropathy can find relief in hand surgery in New Jersey. This is especially true if a nerve is painful or damaged due to being trapped or compressed. In addition, hand surgery can sometimes be used to repair natural protections for the nerves that have been damaged over time. In some cases, your surgeon may use a nerve graft to help to speed the healing process when a damaged nerve is particularly crucial to the function of your hand.

Injuries to the Tendons

Your hand is connected by cords of tissue known as tendons, which enable you to use your joints, shake hands, pick up an item or even make a fist. Because these tendons are so vulnerable, sports injuries, work accidents or even auto crashes may lead to tendon injuries. As a result, people may lose their ability to move their hands freely.

Hand surgery is one form of treatment for tendon injuries; the NJ hand surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery can help to restore cut, severed or damaged tendons.

Hand Fractures, Lacerations and Trauma

Because your hands are such a critical part of life at work, during sports, while driving or while carrying out many different types of tasks, they may be vulnerable to trauma. When the bones of the hand, fingers and wrist are broken, you may be unable to move your hand or suffer long-lasting pain. Glass slices, bites or other sharp injuries can not only cause severe pain, they can sever tendons, ligaments and nerves.

The hand surgeons in Red Bank at Rowe Plastic Surgery can perform critical procedures to help heal serious trauma to the hand. In some cases, hand fractures require surgery to fully heal over time. Your surgeon can also help to prevent the loss of your tissue and repair damaged nerves, blood vessels and other tissues.

Benign Hand Tumors and Soft Tissue Masses

The hands are a relatively common site for people to develop benign tumors. While these soft tissue masses are not cancerous, they may prevent people from using their hands nimbly and comfortably. These kinds of tumors may include:

  • Nerve soft tissue masses
  • Fatty tumors, called lipomas
  • Ganglion cysts or synovial tumors
  • Tumors of the blood vessels

If you have a growth on your hand, our experienced New Jersey hand surgeons can examine the mass to determine that it is benign. Your surgeon can remove these type of soft tissue masses in our office, including tumors that have been developed on the nerves of your hand.