Hair Transplants

Natural hair loss and male pattern baldness are an everyday occurrence in our society. It is not uncommon for men and women of all ages to seek out preventative measures for hair loss, seeing as though it is one of the first features people will notice upon meeting one another. The psychological impact hair loss can have on ones psyche can be damaging to one’s self confidence and image.

Our surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery are highly trained in the field of Hair Restoration for both men and women. In short, these procedures typically involve grafting healthy sets of hair from the back of ones to the front and top of the scalp, where the affected areas persist. Because men and women experience hair loss in different ways, the techniques involved are unique on a case to case basis.

Our doctors’ extensive background in plastic surgery has equipped us with the skills necessary to create truly natural appearing results in the field of hair restoration, providing our patients with a better head of hair and a better sense of self worth.

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