Chin Augmentation

Rowe Plastic Surgery helps patients achieve greater chin definition and a more balanced profile. A chin implant, a type of facial implant, is commonly used to correct the appearance of a recessed chin. Chin implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to help patients achieve the facial structure they want. Our surgeons commonly perform chin augmentation in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery, if necessary. The projection of the chin and nose from the face are commonly treated as one structure.

Our a board certified plastic surgeons have extensive experience performing safe and successful chin implant cosmetic surgery for men and women.

Your Chin Implant Surgery

Out doctors at Rowe Plastic Surgery excel in plastic surgery with the most scar-free results possible. Chin implant incisions are made inside the mouth for invisible healing. Your chin augmentation procedure will take roughly one hour. If you desire more extensive facial cosmetic surgery, we can perform your chin implant surgery in conjunction with other facial implants or facial injections.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

In the days following surgery you will have some minor swelling and bruising of the face. Your mouth will likely be sore from the incision and our physicians may suggest a soft food diet and oral pain medication during your recovery.

Chin Augmentation Results

Your chin implant will improve your appearance and give you the stronger, more defined chin you dreamed of. Patients of Rowe Plastic Surgery are extremely satisfied with their new profiles after chin augmentation.

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