Lip Enhancement

Lip Augmentation

As the result of aging, lips can lose their fullness and definition. Lip enhancement, lip augmentation, and lip injections cover a range of procedures available to help women achieve more defined, fuller lips. When lipstick is applied the fine lines around the mouth can become more evident. Out doctors at Rowe Plastic Surgery can restore your natural, plump lips with careful attention to overall shape, your cupid’s bow, and balance with your other facial features.

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Your Lip Enhancement

Most women can significantly improve the look and shape of their lips with simple lip injections. This type of lip procedure involves collagen injections or other facial fillers such as Botox®, Juvederm®, or Restylane® to recontour and enhance your upper and lower lips. Even Botox® can be used to change the appearance of your lips. If more significant shaping or fullness is necessary, or doctors at Rowe Plastic Surgery will expertly perform your lip surgery or lip augmentation with careful attention to near-invisible scarring.

Lip injections can easily be combined with other facial injection procedures for the most optimal, age-defying results. Our surgeons expertly fill frown lines (glabellar lines), deep smile lines (nasolabial furrows), smile lines (nasolabial lines), worry lines (forehead lines), crow’s feet (periorbital lines), smoker’s lines (perioral lines), and marionette lines (oral commissures).

Lip Enhancement Recovery

Recovery from lip injections is quick and easy. You may experience slight discomfort as your lips adjust to their new shape and swelling subsides. If lip augmentation surgery is performed, your recovery will take slightly longer and our surgeons will provide you will all necessary recovery details to promote healing.

Lip Enhancement Results

Rowe Plastic Surgery patients are thrilled with how their fuller lips seem to rejuvenate their entire face. A healthy, full lip line can take years off your appearance and awaken your whole look. You may wish to repeat your lip injection procedure in the future to maintain lasting results.

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