Non-Invasive Penis Enlargement

Dr. Penis

If you are self conscious about the size of your penis and don’t like the idea of surgery, Dr. Norman Rowe at Rowe Plastic Surgery has perfected a new non-invasive procedure that can solve your problem. This procedure can be performed in approximately ten minutes and is almost completely painless. Doctor Rowe and Doctor Pierce offer a discreet private entrance for all patients at either of our New York and New Jersey locations.

Our doctors at Rowe Plastic Surgery use Juvederm dermal filler to enlarge the girth of the penis. Through a series of injections, they fill the area under the skin on the top of the buck’s fascia of the penis.

Juvederm dermal fillers are made of a hyaluronic acid, rather than a collagen based filler. These work in the affected area to increase the penis’ girth.

There is little to no recovery time and the virtually no pain involved in the procedure.

This works because the Juvederm mixture found in the filler stimulates your own body’s ability to produce collagen. The microspheres contained in the filler also remain in the area which creates long lasting enlargements.

Similar in fashion to what a dentist does, our doctors use a numbing agent in the penile area. This ensures your comfort while performing the procedure. In roughly ten minutes you will have the lasting penile enlargement you have always wanted!

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Penile Enhancement Procedure

Dr. Norman Rowe, M.D. goes over the non-surgical penile enhancement procedure.