Facial Implants

Our board certified plastic surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery are trained extensively in facial implant surgery. Facial implants, such as chin implants, cheek implants, brow implants, and jaw implants, are types of facial cosmetic surgery to improve the contour of your face and replace volume lost to time and age.

Whether you desire more pronounced cheekbones, an enhanced chin for a more balanced profile, or a stronger looking jaw line or brow line, our doctors can help you achieve the improved facial structure you desire.

Your Facial Implant Surgery

At Rowe Plastic Surgery we offer a variety of facial rejuvenation plastic surgery options. Your facial implant surgery is fully customized to your cosmetic surgery goals and may involve one or more implants. Whether you choose chin implants, a jaw implant, cheek implants, brow implants, or a combination of these enhancements, you can rest assured that our surgical expertise will yield naturally attractive results.

During this safe procedure, our surgeons pay expert attention to concealing facial implant incisions within the mouth for the most beautiful, scar-free appearance. Facial implant surgery can also be combined with facial liposuction, a neck lift, lip enhancement, or other facial procedures.

Facial Implant Recovery

With all facial implant procedures you will experience some swelling and bruising of the face for a week or so. Based on the location of the incisions, your mouth will likely be sore and our surgeons may recommend a soft food diet for a few days to ease comfort and recovery. You should feel comfortable recovering at home during this time, but should you prefer nursing assistance or a stay at a local NYC or New Jersey hotel, our Rowe Plastic Surgery staff would be happy to recommend options.

Facial Implant Results

Whether you’re seeking a more youthful, firmer look or simply wish to strengthen your natural features, our doctor’s facial implants will give you immediate results to enjoy for a lifetime.

Those who wish to achieve more subtle facial improvements might consider facial injections. Products such as Botox®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, and various collagen injections are highly effective in diminishing frown lines (glabellar lines), smoker’s lines (perioral lines), marionette lines (oral commissures), worry lines (forehead lines), crow’s feet (periorbital lines), deep smile lines (nasolabial furrows), smile lines (nasolabial lines), cheek depressions, lip enhancement, witch’s chin (chin augmentation), acne scars, and facial scars.

Schedule My Consultation

To schedule a facial implant consultation with please call 732.852.2770. Our doctors at Rowe Plastic Surgery will help you select the facial rejuvenation procedure that’s right for you.