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Gender-Affirming Surgery

The following is an overview of the gender-affirming cosmetic surgeries offered at Rowe Plastic Surgery in Red Bank, New Jersey. If you are considering gender-affirming surgery yourself, we encourage you to call us at 732.852.2770 and arrange a consultation.

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What Are Gender-Affirming Surgeries?

Gender-affirming surgical procedures offer a way for transgender people to cosmetically alter their physical bodies in ways that make their looks more consistent with their gender identities. Once commonly referred to as “sex reassignment surgery,” contemporary gender-affirming procedures are more widely varied than genital reconstruction and give transgender patients more agency over their own looks. These surgeries can include breast augmentation and reduction, laser hair removal, fat transfer, and an assortment of procedures that fall into the categories of facial masculinization and feminization.

Such surgeries can help transgender people achieve the physical results they want without having to undergo hormone therapy. More importantly, however, they have immense potential to alleviate gender dysphoria: the sense of distress many transgender people experience when their physical bodies conflict with their gender identity. When you consider that chronic gender dysphoria is associated with an increased risk of suicide in transgender men and women, the potential of such procedures to substantially improve transgender patients’ quality of life becomes evident.

If you live or work in New Jersey and are a transgender or gender-nonconforming person considering gender-affirming surgery, we would love to hear from you. Please call us at 732.852.2770 and arrange a consultation, and we’ll help you determine which procedures meet your needs, goals, and budget. We look forward to hearing from you!