Gender-Affirming Fat Injection

Fat injection, also known as fat grafting, involves taking fat removed from certain regions of the body and injecting it into other parts. This procedure allows patients to reduce fat in desired areas while strategically plumping up others in a manner consistent with their gender-affirmation goals.

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Popularly, this means fat is removed from areas including the abdomen, the thighs, and the area beneath the buttocks, and injected into the buttocks and hips to create a more curvaceous, feminine appearance. However, there are many other sites where fat can be injected:


Fat can be injected into strategic locations in the fact to fill in wrinkles, plump up loose skin, and contour areas to make them appear more conventionally masculine or feminine.


It’s common for MTF patients to desire fuller, plumper lips. Fat can be injected directly into them to give them a more feminine pout.


Injecting fat into the hands can reduce the appearance of veins and give the hands a more youthful and feminine appearance.

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