One of the earlier signs of facial aging takes place in the forehead. We notice the appearance and deepening of fine lines and wrinkles as time goes on. Non-Surgical options are now available, however, there comes a point where they become less effective. In this situation, a brow lift is a great solution. Patients are often concerned about avoiding a “surprised” look. As with all rejuvenating procedures, our doctors focus on a natural appearance that avoids these issues, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed, not overdone.

There are several types of brow lifts and our surgeons offer the latest techniques including endoscopic, minimal access brow lifts, resulting in no visible scar, as well as more traditional approaches. In addition to elevating and smoothing the forehead, patients often need their upper eyelids lifted as well. This is not always the case, but your surgery will be designed for you, and based on your needs.

“I just wanted to thank you for making me look younger. I feel so much better about myself. Looking forward to seeing you and your staff in the near future. – I.W.

The surgery is done as an outpatient and you will go home the same day after your surgery. You will be seen the day after surgery in the office, at one week, and then extend your visits from there depending on how you are doing. Using minimal access incisions decreases your recovery time and healing. Your lift will noticeably brighten and soften your appearance, giving you the results you desire.

Our staff is highly trained and will help guide you through the process.