What Can I Do At Home To Reduce The Signs Of Aging?

Everyone wants to slow the rigors of aging and it just so happens that we are now living in a time where it is expected for people to invest in products that help rejuvenate and preserve youthfulness. While this obviously means that you should have no problem finding products, it also carries the unfortunate situation where you may not have any idea which products will actually serve you any good due to a dizzying array of marketing words.

Consider what you are already doing to keep your skin intact. You can always begin with a simple and proven skincare regimen in your own home before moving to more advanced efforts like those offered by any cosmetic surgeon in NJ.

Why Does Skin Age?

Exposure to sunlight, even when 80% of that exposure is incidental, leads to aging. This is why any good anti-aging skincare routine includes a water-resistant broad-spectrum UVA/UBA sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

10 Tips for At-Home Anti-Aging

  1. Use Self-Tanner Instead of Getting a Tan. Every time you tan, no matter how you go about it, ages your skin. Unlike actual tanning, self-tanner lacks the UV rays that expedite the aging of skin.
  2. Stop Smoking. Smoking is a great way to age your skin. It contributes to wrinkling and an unhealthy complexion.
  3. Avoid Making the Same Faces. Constantly using the same muscles over the span of years can result in facial creases becoming permanent. Sunglasses can not only help prevent creases around the eyes, from squinting, but also protect the skin surrounding the eyes from sunlight.
  4. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Some studies suggest that eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps make the skin resistant to aging. Other studies indicate that lots of sugar and other refined carbohydrates contribute to rapid aging.
  5. Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates and damages the skin, making you look older than you really are.
  6. Exercise Regularly. Exercising at least three a week improves circulation and the immune system, two qualities that help skin appear youthful.
  7. Cleanse Gently. A gentle wash can achieve all of your skin goals (remove makeup, dirt and other nastiness) without irritating the skin.
  8. Wash Your Face Twice Daily. Sweating, especially if you are wearing headwear or a wig, irritates the skin. This means that you should wash your skin when you rise, before you go to bed and as soon as you notice you have broken out into a sweat.
  9. Moisturize Daily. Moisturizing traps water within the skin and that extra hydration helps the skin look youthful.
  10. Avoid Stinging/Burning Products. Burning or stinging means irritation. Irritation leads to older appearances.

While this covers the basics of at-home treatments, people interested in a customized skincare regimen or who feel that their needs exceed what can be achieved at home should feel free to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, at Rowe Plastic Surgery, contact our convenient Red Bank office at (732) 582-2770 or use our secure online form.

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